Our Mission: Food, Education, Medicine


Water Pump Project

In the heart of Pakistan, our Water Pump Project is providing clean drinking water to many. We provide clean and accessible water sources, ensuring a healthier life for all.

Project Details

100+ Water Pumps 1000+ Families
Countless Smiles

Monthly Ration Distribution

No one should go to bed hungry. Our Monthly Food Ration Project supplies essential groceries to 100+ families in need, bringing smiles and nourishment to their tables through food baskets

Project Details

100+ Families every month and Just PKR 9000/- to support a Family

Wheel Chairs

Mobility is a right, not a privilege. Our Wheelchair Project provides freedom of movement to those who need it, enhancing independence and accessibility

Project Details

45 Wheel Chairs/ month; 45 Individuals; 45 Families

Bakery/Tandoor Shop

Our Tandoor Shop provide daily meals to needy families every day. We have now two shops active and we are expecting this project to expand.

Project Details

Providing Meals Daily to Over 100 Families; 2 locations;

Jummah Sadqa Truck

On sacred Fridays, our Friday food truck provides wholesome meals to those in need, spreading compassion and goodwill.

Project Details

One day; one location, 100+ families,

Orphanage Support Project

Every child deserves a loving home. Our Orphanage Support Project cares for orphaned children, nurturing their dreams and potential.

Project Details

Monthly Food Provision to orphanages in Rawalpindi and Peshawar

Skills Support Project

Skills are a pathway to prosperity. Our Skill Support Project offers training and opportunities, empowering individuals to build brighter futures.

Project Details

5000/- per month grant helps a woman be independent and have a lifelong skill

Widow Support Project

In times of loss, we provide a supportive hand. Our Widow Support offers comfort, and financial assistance, to widowed individuals.

Project Details

Monthly Frocery and Essentials for Widows

Debtor Support Project

Life’s burdens can become lighter. Our Debtor Support Project helps people regain their financial footing, promoting economic stability.

Project Details

More than 300,000/- worth of loan has been returned to help vulnerable debtors

Wedding Support Project

We at SCWF are helping couples to start a new life with dignity, and all basic necessities. Let’s make nikah easier for them with all the essentials they need.

Project Details

More than 40 individuals, countless dreams of parents

Solar Water Plant

With the partnershio of Jigsaw Charity we are harnessing the power of the sun, our Solar water plant has helped a village to have access to cean water which was a mere dream for them. 

Project Details

One location, more to come

Qurbani Drive

Sacrifice for a greater good. Our Qurbani Drive Project distributes meat to those in need, fostering a sense of community and generosity during Eid.

Project Details

2000 Beneficiaries per year Complete Transparency

Ramzan Dastarkhwan

During the holy month of Ramadan, our Ramzan Dastarkhwan Project hosts communal meals, ensuring that no one breaks their fast with nothing

Project Details

7800 Beneficiaries/year; Location: Islamabad and Peshawar

Every Penny Counts

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