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In an impoverished country like Pakistan poverty, unemployment, economic downturn, unsustainable social media system, physical and sexual violence are the main factors behind the rising number of street children who are prone to prostitution, begging, robbery, and drug smuggling leading to terrorism. A systematic and proactive program in collaboration with public authorities and other voluntary organizations must be developed in earnest way through which employees of social media protection and law enforcement agencies are trained to analyze and resolve the problems of runaway children . Training centers should be set up in different cities to admit and train these children. Its a current need to run social and stream media campaigns across the country to create awareness among people about the global tragedy of street children.

Street Children of Pakistan

In a developing nation like Pakistan, with no social security system in place, children and young people end up on the street due to dire poverty and fragmented families. According to Government estimates, there are more than 1.5 Million children, both boy and girls, living on the streets of Pakistan. In the large cities, where crimes are rampant and rule of law is far from being reinforced, the number of children working on the street is far higher than the official estimates.

Life on the street

Once on the street, these innocent souls are bound to get into the hands of criminals, mafia, and rackets. In order to survive, they have to beg, prostitute themselves, or indulge in other illegal activities like smuggling and drug dealing. Street children are also at higher risk of sexual abuse, exploitation, and psychological trauma.

These children generally avoid approaching the police due to the fear of persecution. Due to their shabby appearance and distorted image these children are even disdained by a larger section of society.

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Muhammad Rafiq

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