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Tandoor Shop in Peshawar

Bakery/Tandoor Shop in Peshawar: A Project of SCWF

In the bustling streets of Peshawar, where life unfolds amidst a tapestry of diversity and contrasts, our Bakery/Tandoor Shop stands as a beacon of hope. The Street Children Welfare Foundation (SCWF) has undertaken a mission to provide daily meals to needy families, ensuring that no one goes to bed hungry in this vibrant city.  with Jigsaw Charity, we are aiming for more of these initiatives.

The heart of our project lies in the provision of daily meals to more than 100 families. It all started with the provision of free bread (Naan) and sowly with your support we are now able to provide a full meal to our beneficiaries. All the beneficiaries have their own token number and the provision of free meals is ensured with complete respect for these people.

Our project has now grown to include two active locations. One of these has flourished through the collaborative efforts of the Jigsaw Charity Foundation, emphasizing our belief in the strength of partnerships. Together, we have expanded our reach to serve even more families.

Your support can make a difference in the lives of families struggling to put food on their tables. By donating, you are contributing to the sustenance and well-being of those who rely on our Bakery/Tandoor Shop for their daily meals.

Why Donate a Meal?

Donate a Meal: Share the Blessing

When you choose to donate a meal, you are sharing a blessing with a family in need. Your generosity resonates far beyond the walls of our bakery, reaching those who hunger for nourishment and hope. One day cost of these shops may vary depending on the current costing but you can sponsor these daily meals with your monthly zakat and sadqah and get a designated day of the week for your donations. 

Donate a Free Meal in Pakistan

Donating a meal to a family is a gesture of kindness and compassion and highly respectful in Islam. It’s a reminder that in this bustling city, there are hearts that care and hands that are ready to share.

Hunger in Peshawar: A Reality We Can Change

The reality of hunger in Peshawar is a stark one. Many families struggle to secure their daily meals, and for the homeless, this struggle is magnified. By donating a meal, you become a part of the solution, helping to alleviate hunger and restore hope.

We firmly believe in the power of community support. When individuals come together to donate meals, we can make a significant impact. Your contribution, no matter how small, is a vital part of the collective effort to ensure that no one goes to bed hungry.

Food is not just a necessity; it’s a basic human right. By donating a meal, you are ensuring that this right is upheld for those who often have no other source of sustenance.

How Donation works

Donating a meal is a straightforward process:

1.Select Your Contribution:

You can choose the number of meals you’d like to donate, whether it’s a single meal, multiple meals, or a recurring donation.

2.Secure Donation:

We offer a secure online payment system for your convenience. You can donate using various payment methods to make the process as seamless as possible.

3.Track Your Impact

We believe in transparency. You can track the progress of your donation and see the communities you are supporting.

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Join the Bakery/Tandoor Shop Project Today

By donating a meal, you are joining a community of compassionate individuals who are determined to make a difference in the lives of families and individuals who hunger for sustenance and hope. Together, we can change the narrative of hunger in Peshawar.

Donate a Meal Today

Your act of kindness can change lives. Consider donating a meal to those in need and be a part of a powerful mission to provide daily nourishment and hope.

Together, We Can Make a Difference

The Bakery/Tandoor Shop Project is a testament to the collective power of individuals who care. When we come together, we can provide more than just meals; we can provide a chance at a better life for those who need it the most. Join us today and be a part of the solution. Together, we can make a significant impact in the lives of those seeking sustenance and hope. Don’t let anyone go to bed hungry. Donate now