Mr. Waseem Ahmad

Mr. Waseem Ahmad is a British Pakistani, a social activist, reformer, public philosopher, sociologist, philanthropist, and a leader and a private contractor for many pharmaceutical companies & highly recognized for his work and dedication in the fields, he works in.

He is a very generous person and has donated heavily to many food distributions and charity programs in Pakistan and abroad. He is a lifelong learning and educating person inspired by the abundance of opportunities available to broaden and enrich the lives of people. With over 15 years of experience, he has been working as an agent of support and guidance for the welfare of children, families, and individuals and has studied many modalities to bring healing to those who are in need.

His professional life includes a commitment to serving the needs of deprived children and families as a Social Worker and has recently chosen to join his hands with Street Children Welfare Trust Pakistan as an honorary trustee and as a director of the organization. We appreciate and welcome him warmly from the core of our hearts as a valued asset added to the organization.