Mr. Rameez Khan

Born in Peshawar, Pakistan, close to the border of Afghanistan, Mr. Ramez Jamali has spent his childhood among the dusty foothills of the Himalayan Mountain Range. That captivating and scenic landscape instilled in Mr. Ramez an appreciation and wonderment about the natural beauty, which helped him further fuel his artistic creativity.

Ramez embarked on various journeys that furthered his education, athleticism, and spiritual development. But his tremendous passion for the sports of cricket led him to England where he played for a local team until an injury sidelined his dreams of a sports career.

Later, he went to the United States to apprentice under his uncle, Mr. Jamali, who is a world-renowned contemporary artist. Mr. Jamali recognized Rameez’s hidden artistic talents immediately and encouraged him to continue his journey on the artistic path. There, Mr. Ramez worked closely with his uncle to gain knowledge of painting techniques, methods, and most importantly, the understanding and respect for the personal connections through the language of art.

Although the influence of his uncle is apparent, Ramez has developed his own personal style and techniques. The hallmark of Ramez’s painting is his distinctive use of bright colors and bold shapes. In both his figurative and abstract compositions, he uses vivid pigments and layered textures and creates powerful beauty and drama. Ramez’s art pieces are currently on view in various galleries and design showrooms throughout the country.

We all know that art and emotions go hand in hand. Art forms give humans a higher satisfaction in emotional release than simply managing emotions on their own and allow people to have a cathartic release of pent-up emotions either by creating work or by witnessing and pseudo-experiencing what they see in front of them.

Ramez’s passion and creativity are easily communicated through his expressive compositions. But resonating with his surroundings, at an unconscious and deeply emotional level, he not only feels the conflicts, sadness, romance, joys, and pains that he expresses through his artwork but also has developed a strong inner drive to serve humanity and deprived people of the society.

Therefore, he has decided to join his hands with Street Children Welfare Trust Pakistan to help us in our cause in Pakistan & overseas. We highly appreciate and give respect to his interest and ideas in the field of social work which have been aroused by his deep commitment to serving the poor that people must receive appropriate services. We are very glad and warmly welcome him to our team as an honorable Trustee and donor of the organization.